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With the holidays quickly approaching we can’t forget to take some me-time. Book a warm bamboo massage or a spiced cider facial or both for the ultimate pampering experience! While you’re in our Altamonte Springs Massage studio don’t forget to pick up a gift certificate for that special someone!

Eyebrow Tinting and Waxing

Eyebrow Tinting and Waxing at Radiant Massage and Skincare

We love sugaring at Radiant Massage & Skincare. At our Altamonte Springs studio we use sugar wax for more than just body waxing. We can achieve beautiful eyebrow shapes too! Sugaring is a gentle all natural form of hair removal. The organic sugar paste is applied to the face or body at room temperature. After waxing redness is greatly decreased because there is no heat involved. Since the sugar does not stick to any live skin cells we are able to go over an area more than once without causing damage to healthy skin. This allows us to be very thorough with our eyebrow shaping and mapping process. After sugaring the eyebrows to get the best shape for this client’s brows our Licensed Esthetician used a special dye that is made for eyebrows and eyelashes to darken and define the eyebrow shape. Eyebrow tinting and waxing make a really great pair! The tint usually lasts about 4-6 weeks which is perfect timing for your next sugaring appointment.


Before your eyebrow waxing and tinting appointment

Clients should stop using and retin-a or exfoliating products in the area at least 3 days prior to your appointment. You may still experience some redness around the areas being sugared depending on your skin sensitivity .  Keep skin makeup free for at least 2 hours after your appointment so that the hair follicles stay clean and bacteria free. There is very little down time after an eyebrow tinting and waxing appointment.


If you are ready to book your appointment for your eyebrow tinting and waxing you can book online here or give us a call at 407-494-2272.

facial massage


Jurassic Park star, Chris Pratt, proves that facials aren’t just for the ladies. He really seems to be enjoying his facial massage! We love to see more men taking care of their skin. Check out this clip it’s hilarious!


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You can now purchase massage gift certificates in our Altamonte massage studio or purchase massage gift certificates online! See our options below for spa packages, massage packages and spa gift certificates! Gift certificates are a great idea for anyone in the Orlando area that needs a massage! We provide therapeutic deep tissue as well as relaxation massage. You can also combine a facial and a massage in a spa package. If you are unsure of what your giftee would enjoy you can also purchase a gift certificate for a specific amount.  At Radiant Massage & Skincare we work by appointment only so that we can dedicate our undivided attention to each client.  If you would like to pick up a gift certificate in person we recommend scheduling a product pick-up time so that we will have plenty of time to assist you. Schedule Here

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Vitamin C peel off mask helps to even out skin tone! Gorgeous glowing skin! #beradiant

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Amazing peel off #VitaminC #mask helps to even skintone for beautiful glowing skin! @radiant_massage_skincare

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 Book a signature facial and request our Vitamin C Peel! This luxurious facial will help to repair sun damage that many Orlando residents experience. This facial combines the power of Lemon Enzyme, Vitamin C & Green Tea Serum and a Vitamin C Peel Off Mask to reveal glowing skin.  Enjoy a relaxing facial massage and arm massage while these poweful ingredients get to work!


Lemon Enzyme – Contains lemon that will help to fade sun spots and sun damage, glycolic acid that helps to exfoliate and resurface rough skin and diminishes fine line and wrinkles, and lactic acid that restores moisture balance to to skin.

Vitamin C & Green Tea Serum – Powerful antioxidant that helps to preserve and repair skin.

Vitamin C Peel off Mask – Seals in and infuses the Vitamin C Serum


Book your treatment by calling us at 407-494-2272.

We are now carrying a selection of products from Relax & Wax! These great products address many concerns that our regular sugar waxing clients would like to address! We are so excited to bring in these new products to improve your waxing experience in our Altamonte  Springs spa!

Hair Did it Go?

Relax and Wax announces new alternative to laser hair removal.

Relax & Wax is excited to add yet another product to it’s line of pain-free depilatory products. ‘Hair Did It Go?’ was developed as a longer term solution to hair removal than waxing which also has the benefit of being less expensive than laser hair removal.

According to Deborah Merhar, professional esthetician and founder of Relax & Wax “We’ve created an alternate to laser hair removal that really works! No matter what hair color, skin color, or budget everyone can be hair free.” ‘Hair Did It Go?’ works by blocking the oxygen supply to the hair root, it literally starves it to death. ‘Hair Did It Go?’ is fast acting an results can be seen after just one application. Maximum results can be achieved in 5-15 applications.

$15 Add-on per area being Sugared


No Scream Cream!


NO-SCREAM CREAM can be used on all areas of the body. Including bikini area, lip, eyebrows, underarms and legs. NO-SCREAM CREAM will not interfere with the waxing process.
Do not use if allergic to Benzocaine, Lidocaine, Novacaine, etc.

DIRECTIONS: NO-SCREAM CREAM should be applied 30-45 minutes before waxing. It should be applied as a fairly thick layer and should not be rubbed in to the skin like lotion. Once the cream is thick and white STOP! And let the cream absorb into the skin on its own. The skin should appear white after NO-SCREAM CREAM is applied and will absorb into the skin in about 5-10 minutes. NO-SCREAM CREAM isn’t messy or greasy, wont harm clothing and you can get dressed as usual.

Active ingredient: Benzocaine 20%

$19 1 oz. No Scream Cream (we recommend picking this product the day before your appointment so that you can leave it on for the full 30 minutes before getting sugared).


Get The Bump Outta Here!


Although, sugaring helps to reduce ingrown hairs some of our clients are prone to them. Add this easy to apply solution to your skincare for silky smooth skin!


$15 2 oz. Get the Bump Outta Here

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We are excited to announce our new skincare line Face Reality. 
Face Reality  treats acne, rosacea and hyper-pigmentation with a combination of in-office treatments and managed home care with custom-formulated specialized products. We get far better results than traditional methods of using antibiotics and dangerous drugs, such as isotretinoin (Accutane). Our modality is far less expensive and far more effective than medi-spa laser treatments. You can also add on LED treatments for quicker results.

This skincare program is great for teens and adults who suffer from acne. Set up your consultation and first treatment now! Book Now.

LED Photo facial in altamonte and Orlando

What is LED?

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. These colorful little bright lights are connected to semiconductors that take electric energy and transmit this energy into light waves. Each color LED has a different wavelength that penetrates the skin at different levels. Once the light penetrates the skin cells are stimulated and put to work!


The LED facials at Radiant Massage & Skincare can be customized with 4 different colored lights. Each light treats a different condition.


Red LED promotes cell regeneration and blood circulate. This light helps to stimulate collagen and is an excellent anti-aging treatment.


Blue LED helps to kill bacteria, slow oil production and relieve breakouts. Blue LED is mainly used to treat acne.


Green LED is used to treat sun damage and skin discoloration. It affects the melanocytes that cause dark spots on the skin.


Yellow LED is extremely soothing and calming. Clients who suffer from sensitive skin and rosacea can greatly benefit from this light.


What happens during an LED facial?

All makeup will be removed and your skin will be thoroughly cleansed. Light proof goggles will be put on your eyes. Then you will relax for about 30 minutes under our LED facial machine. After your treatment is over sunscreen will be applied. This treatment has zero downtime and makeup can be applied immediately after.


Does an LED facial hurt?

This is a completely pain free treatment. You make feel a bit of warmth from increased blood flow.

How often should I have an LED facial?

LED is most effective when done in a series. We recommend a series of 8 treatments done twice a week over the course of one month. Each treatment is about 30 minutes. The best part of this treatment is that results are immediate and cumulative! Immediately after your treatment you should notice a nice glow to your skin, but as you get more treatments you will see even more improvement.  To maintain your skin after you’ve gotten your desired results we recommend getting a LED facial at least twice a year.

How much is an LED facial treatment?

You can add on an LED treatment to any Classic or Signature Facial for $45
A stand alone LED treatment is $55
Series of 8 treatments $400 (4 month expiration from date of purchase)


Call us to set up your next treatment 407-494-2272 or visit our website to book online 

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